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Comfortable Sight Is Essential to Our Quality of Life

Not only does your vision deserve clarity, but it also deserves comfort.

However, because we use our eyes for so much in our lives, it’s common to experience irritation and wateriness, especially when focused on a visually-intense task like reading, writing, or looking at a screen.

But if you find that these symptoms are becoming increasingly common, it might be time to book an appointment with our team to see how we can help.

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What Is Digital Eye Strain?

Before talking about digital eye strain, it’s important to understand eye strain.

You might experience eye strain whenever you spend too much time focused on a visually-demanding task. 

Several factors contribute to eye strain symptoms, but one of the most common is focusing for too long without blinking enough. If the rate you blink decreases because of how hard you focus, your eyes might not get the tears it needs to stay comfortable.

Digital eye strain is a version of the issue that stems from digital device use, like computers, phones, tablets, and televisions. Digital screens and the way you use them have several factors that can contribute to digital eye strain, including:

  • Brightness
  • Height
  • Distance
  • Text size
  • Ergonomics

Strategies to Manage Your Symptoms

Eye strain is a common issue many people can experience. In some cases, you can manage your symptoms by simply taking a break from the task you’re working on. However, if your symptoms happen regularly, you might have another issue that may need to be addressed.

Digital eye strain symptoms can be similar to dry eyes. We recommend having regular eye exams to help detect signs of dry eyes or other eye problems so we can get to work on finding a solution right for you.

Eye drops are often the first treatment people seek when experiencing uncomfortable eye symptoms. We carry several different eye drops and can recommend some based on your symptoms.

Please speak to our team before purchasing any over-the-counter eye drop products. While these could help, they may contain ingredients unsuitable for your eyes.

If you’re looking for a quick way to find relief from digital eye strain, try the 20-20-20 rule.

Every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking at something about 20 feet away. This exercise will give your eyes a chance to relax and re-adjust before you get back to work.

Sometimes, your symptoms may be coming from how you sit at your workstation. To minimize the risk of eye strain, remember to:

  • Set your screen about an arm’s length away and just below eye level
  • Adjust your brightness to match the room you’re in
  • Avoid sources of wind and heat
  • Place your screen away from sources of glare

Find Relief Today

Digital eye strain is irritating, but our team can support your journey towards more comfortable vision when you visit us today.

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